A Look at LEGO… Pirates Of The Caribbean

With the news that the Pirates of the Caribbean theme is to set sail once more after a six year absence, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to scurry up to the crow’s nest and take A Look at LEGO… Pirates of the Caribbean. Way back in 2010 it was announced that sets based on the first four Pirates of the Caribbean movies would be released in Spring of 2011. The arrival of the new theme was first teased during Comic Con in a LEGO Prince of Persia display, by a hidden Captain Jack Sparrow Minifigure.


The first wave of sets arrived in stores in April 2011, they included 8 playsets mainly based around the latest instalment of the Pirates movies – On Stranger Tides. One of the most impressive of the sets was a magnificent ship called The Queen Anne’s Revenge. Later that year another ship set sail, set 4184: The Black Pearl joined The Queen Anne’s Revenge, The Black Pearl is one of the most iconic of the Pirates of the Caribbean ships and it became available as a set in October. Along with the various playsets, a selection of polybag sets were also released to promote the new theme. These included a mini Black Pearl and a couple of variants of Captain Jack.


The following month, the pirate crew of minifigures made the leap into the digital deep, with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Videogame from TT Games and the now defunct Disney Interactive. The game let players rediscover the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films along with story of On Stranger Tides, which were released alongside the movie. The game was released before Minifigures became truly vocal, but the groans and grunts of the characters were some of the best heard in the LEGO Videogames, particularly those from Captain Jack. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Videogame still remains one of the funniest titles from TT Games. Although not as fondly remembered as LEGO Star Wars, the Pirates of the Caribbean films translated well into the LEGO Videogames format and still remains a great game.

LEGO fans could embark on their on own treasure hunt, by tracking down a collection of Pirates of the Caribbean playing cards found in some of the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets. Each card included a special codes which could be used to unlock content on the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean microsite.


Pirates have a long history within the world of LEGO and although this theme was based on the Disney license, it gave us some great sets. Something which will continue later this year. During the New York Toy Fair, three new Pirates of the Caribbean sets were announced, based on the upcoming 5th Pirates of the Caribbean outing Dead Men Tell No Tales or Salazar’s Revenge. These will include two LEGO BrickHeadz that will join the rest of the gang in series one, along with an impressive looking new LEGO Exclusive ship called The Silent Mary. This ghostly vessel with contain 2200 pieces along with a selection of great Minifigures include the villainous Capitán Armando Salazar and his undead crew. The sets will release in April with early access to The Silent Mary for LEGO VIP members mid-March.



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