60120: Volcano Starter Set Review


On the outskirts of LEGO City, the newly formed Volcanic Research Team are working hard to unlock the ancient secrets of the mighty volcano. But it’s not easy work, following in the fearless footsteps of the Deep Sea Exploration Team and the Arctic Researchers, the Volcano Explorers hope to further explore the far reaches of LEGO City. The new sub-theme of the popular LEGO City line hits stores on June 1st and we have our hands on a couple of sets early. So we thought why not give them a little review. First up is the smallest of the new Volcano Explorers sets.   


Product Description

Explore the volcano and make an exciting discovery!

Head out with the crew of volcano explorers and scientists to investigate the active volcano! Pack up the ATV with everything you need, and remember the camera for pictures. Look out, the volcano is erupting! Check out the boulder that’s by the volcano, what’s inside? Grab the pickaxe, a new scientific discovery is about to be made!

  • Set Number: 60120
  • Minifigures: a female researcher, a male researcher, a female scientist and ATV driver
  • Piece Count: 83
  • Price: £8.99 / $9.99
  • Dimensions: ATV measures over 7cm high, 6cm long and 4cm wide.


The set includes three main sections, the which I’ll cover in detail below, the ATV vehicle and a tiny volcano. The ATV is a fairly simple build, based around a 2×8 brick instead of a flat brick, giving it a little bit of height. The rear wheels are also slightly raised so the whole thing sits at a little bit of an angle. The most visual part of the ATV is the pair of racer guard elements over both sets of tires. These haven’t appeared in the Yellowish Green colour since 2010. So are fairly rare, although they also appear in other Volcano Explorers sets. The bonnet features a sloped 2×2 plate, with has the Volcano Explorers logo printed on it, yes printed detail over a sticker is always a bonus. The little logo features a tiny volcano surrounded by an off center compass. I do like these little bits of detail the LEGO graphic designers include and it links nicely with previous LEGO City subthemes like the Arctic Research sets.


The front grill of the ATV looks great and gives the this little set a rugged feel. On the rear there’s a clip for a radio and a chain to drag volcanic rocks. The clip element is yellow for some reason which does fit with the rest of the sets colour scheme, I’m much rather the yellow elements were black or even grey coloured. Back to that Volcanic Rock, this is created with a two rock elements, which were prevalent in the Rock Raiders theme. Here they are done in trans orange, with a little extra line detail added to give it a more lava like feel.


The set also includes a tiny volcano, this includes a little flip lever and also has a couple of nice parts in particular a grey cone element. This isn’t exactly rare but only seems to appear in one or two sets each year and in fairly expensive ones too, so if you are a parts seeker the low price point of the set may tempt you should you needs a few of these elements. You can load the volcano with a blue crystal element and a couple of trans orange 1×1 round bricks, then flip the lever and watch the volcano erupt.


There are four minifigures included with the set, two females and two males. It’s nice to see a little more diversity of genders in sets now. There are two Volcano Researchers who are kitted out in the same olive green overalls, yellow oxygen tank, and the breather element which fits over the tank and when paired up with helmet, also has room for a visor. The helmets used here are white hard hats in place of the fire fighter ones normally seen with the breather piece. Because of this there is a slight gap between the helmet and the breather piece. There’s nice print detail on both the legs and torso, although I’m not sure how effective they would be against red hot lava. One researcher has a male face print and the other a female. Their accessories include a pickaxe and a metal detector.


The ATV driver has the same olive green colour shirt as the researchers, but with different print detail including a little radio. He also has a new style baseball cap in light brown. Finally the female scientist has a white torso with some nice print detail. I’m not a fan of her face print though. She is wearing glasses but they just look like she’s been out in the sun wearing swimming goggles and now has an unfortunate tan line. She also includes a camera accessory. Both of these minifigures have the same pale blue legs, which do not have any print detail on them.


As the smallest of the new Volcano Explorers sets, the build isn’t particularly taxing, however it does have a few great parts, which MOC builders may find useful. The minifigures are pretty decent, with nice print detail and accessories. Although I’d of liked to one of them replaced with a Hazmat suit researcher, like the one featured in set 60125: Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter. As the sets names suggests, it’s a starter set, meant to compliment the larger sets in the range. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a OK set in it’s own right.


60120 Volcano Starter Set
  • Build
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  • Price


It's always nice to see LEGO City expand beyond the normal fire and police themed sets, both the Arctic and Deep Sea sub themes offered a couple of fun new additions, which is exactly the same for the Volcano Explorers line, this set may not take long to build but is fun none the less.


Author: Adam White

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