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Ever since LEGO has existed, it has been used to recreate real life, on a much smaller scale and the LEGO City theme has been doing that since way back in the 70’s when it was known as the LEGO Town. After a series of town planning meetings in the early 2000’s it was decided to bring together police, fire and other emergency services along with a selection of other similar sets under the LEGO City banner. Since then it’s become a true staple of the LEGO range. Each year the it’s sets focuses on a different area of the City and 2016 is the year of Fire. The LEGO City Fire Department like to stay fresh, and have once again updated their fleet. The new Fire Ladder Truck is one of the ranges smaller sets but how does it fair? Let’s get our review on.


Product Description

Put out the burning oil barrel!

Hop in the Fire Ladder Truck and race to the scene! Extend the ladder and put out the fire. Use the special stud-shooting hose to battle the blaze and fight the flames on the ground with the fire extinguisher. Keep the oil barrel from exploding! It’s up to you to protect the city!

  • Set Number: 60107
  • Minifigures: a female firefighter and a male firefighter.
  • Piece Count: 214
  • Price: £17.99 / $24.99 / 19.99€
  • Dimensions: 3” (8cm) high, 7”(20cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.


The build is split across two bags and begins with a little Octan branded drum and sign, before moving onto the chassis of the truck. Built into this is a hose drum, which is home to the water hose. This is cleverly created with a stud shooter. The opposite side features a small cupboard element, where you can store your water studs (of course where else would you store water). Once the main section of the trucks base is complete, you move onto the cabin. Here there’s enough space to fit both minifigures, partly thanks to the flat window screen element, which hasn’t really been used in many sets, the roof piece can easily be removed to access to cabin area, although I did find the two white flat 1×8 tiles can easily be knocked out of place when the roof is taken off, due to the gaps between the front window, side panels and rear of the cabin.


The ladder is most complex section of the build and it’s also the most fun. It sits upon a rotating turntable, which allows the whole ladder platform to be turned a full 360°, it’s also hinged on two angular Technic beams. These both offer loads of maneuverability, especially when also combined with the extendable ladder element. As you can see from the images there’s also two hydraulic pistons attached to either side of the ladder, and while they don’t really offer an sort of structural function to the build they look damn cool. Which is why I love the non-licensed LEGO sets, sure I love my Batman and Stormtrooper minifigure as much as anyone else, but with a free rein and increased use of rarer or new elements, sets such as the Fire Ladder Truck offer a pleasant surprise, both in terms of build and the completed set.


The set contains two minifigures, a female firefighter and a male firefighter. Both feature fairly detailed torsos with the lady minifigure having slightly better detailed compared to her male counterpart. However the male firefighter does have a few more accessories including an yellow oxygen tank and a grey neck element which has a gap for the tank to sit in, and when combined with the classic fire helmet, it can also fit a clear visor piece. The male firefighter also has a slighter better face print with a cheery grin, manly beard and a little comms mic.



I don’t normally go for City sets, but inspired by the All Hands To The Rescue Tour’s Big Build, which is based on this set, I picked it up. It’s not a challenging build nor is it overly exciting but I still quite like it, especially the ladder section. It’s fairly simply done and has been used on previous LEGO City Fire sets, but the hydraulic’s on the ladder platform are ace and add a nice bit of detail to the set. This coupled with the turntable base of the ladder and the extendable ladder itself, adds loads of play features. I also love how the designer has manged to shoehorn a stud shooter into a City set. Normally found in the Star Wars and Super Heroes sets, as guns and blasters, here the stud shooter is a water cannon. It’s actually a new element with a standard stud shooter gun having a ball joint socket attached to the back of it, this is then connected to a small ball joint on the end of the hose string.

Overall you can’t argue with the pricing of City sets, this one in particular is well priced for what you get. The minifigures are OK, but the star of the show is most definitely the ladder, who know ladders could be so exciting. It also boasts a handful of rare elements such as the extendable ladder, which has only appeared in 6 other sets and the window screen which has only appeared in 8 other sets. Then there’s the stud shooter water cannon, which is new to the Fire theme this year. Yes the design of the set is similar to other Fire Engines released over the years but it’s still a fun set which new play features and decent parts to boot.


60107 Fire Ladder Truck
  • Build
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LEGO City continues to be a popular theme and it;s nice to see classic sets getting updated with more modern features and the Fire Ladder Truck makes for a nice, fun little set. Why the LEGO City Fire Department chose to send a ladder truck to a small drum fire is another question.


Author: Adam White

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